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Is this site for me?

Maison Interlude House is a Francophone organization offering a range of services, in French and in English, in Prescott, Russell, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry to help support women, their children and youth, in building a future without violence.

All our programs and services are free and confidential.

At Maison Interlude House, we do not tell you what to do...

We accompany you in your thoughts, in your feelings...

If you question yourself about your relationship or if you feel unsafe with your spouse; if you are afraid for your children and for yourself; if you don’t know where to start; this site is for you.

You do not deserve to suffer from violence, to be insulted, abused, exploited, ridiculed, beaten.     You are not alone.

You did not provoke the violence. It's not your fault. You cannot do anything to change the violent behavior of your spouse. He is responsible for his actions. Nothing justifies violence.

You can put your life back together.

Call us at1-800-461-1842. We are here to listen without judging you. You can also text us at 613-801-8169 or chat with us at

 Maison Interlude House recognizes the importance of accessibility. 
 Please contact us to discuss your needs.