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What we offer

You need help in your journey towards a life without violence, but you don’t need to be accommodated?  

Do you want to continue to receive support from Maison Interlude House after you leave the shelter?

Call the Maison Interlude House Outreach Services at 1-800-461-1842, option 2 or at

Our Outreach Services puts various services at your disposal. Counsellors can meet you at one of our satellite offices to support you in your efforts. 

Safety Plan

Helping you prepare a safety plan that meets your needs and those of your children and teens.

Needs Assessment

Developing with you an action plan based on your needs and those of your children.

Individual Counselling

Listening to you, supporting you and giving you the necessary tools during individual meetings to:
  • Understand the cycle of violence;
  • Manage your emotions, your feelings;
  • Break the cycle of violence;
  • Make your own choices and make your own decisions;
  • Regain control of your life.

Finding and maintaining an adequate housing: 

  • Accommodation;
  • Room and board;
  • Subsidized or private housing.


Accompanying you throughout procedures involving the following services:
  • Lawyer;
  • Police;
  • Legal Aid;
  • Children's Aid;
  • Criminal or Family Court. 
  • Housing unit visits;
  • Food Bank;
  • Legal Aid Clinic; 
  • Court (Crime Victims Compensation);
  • Court (landlord/tenant);
  • Small Claims Court.


  • Preparing and maintaining a budget;
  • Tips and ways to save money.


  • Looking at options to go back to work, to school or to start a business, if the need may be.
  • Writing a CV, prepare for an interview.

Advocacy of your rights and interests

Working to reduce obstacles in the defence of your rights and interests. 


Facilitating access to other community services and programs according to your needs.