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  • Offers a safe, welcoming and accessible place
  • 24/7 crisis phone line                                        
  • Individual safety plan that meets your everyday needs as well as the safety of your children/teens
  • Individual counselling
  • Understanding the cycle of violence and its impact 
  • Express your feelings
  • Help you regain your self-confidence
  • Support you in order for you to take informed decisions
  • Take your life back
  • Referrals to different appropriate services and programs

Shelter - Children-Teen Program

  • Listening to them and giving them the necessary tools to understand the actual situation.
  • Expressing their emotions.
  • Cycle of violence.
  • Coping with changes within the family.
  • Safety plan.
  • Recreational activities periods.

Services offered to the mothers during their stay:
  • Assessing your needs and empowering you in your role as a parent.
  • Supporting you in your efforts concerning your children.
  • Referring you to appropriate programs in the community.
  • Follow-up services after leaving MIH are offered to school-age children to help with the transition from the shelter to their new home.
If you have a pet, it may be taken in charge by an animal shelter with which we have a partnership (AMIMO program).
Only accredited animals are allowed in our shelter (ex. guide dogs).